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I started my career as a journalist and wrote for a number of small to mid-size publications before discovering copywriting. 

I was a waitress once in my early 20’s for less than 1 hour before throwing in my apron after receiving a job offer from a small newspaper. An experience that felt like I had just cheated death. I would have made a terrible waitress!

I once was a luxury realtor at Christies selling some of the most expensive real estate in Canada. This experience taught me a lot about the industry but more importantly, about myself – I realized I’d rather be writing listing descriptions than hosting open houses. Something I love to do to this day!

I’m Canadian and we are supposed to be bilingual. Yet,  my French is abysmal. To illustrate that point, whenever I’m in France and try to order say, a croissant, the clerk immediately switches to English, which they speak almost fluently. No wonder Europeans dislike tourists.

My given name is Candace but everyone who knows me calls me Candy. When I was young, I would cringe whenever I was called by my nickname in public. The name seemed to connote everything I didn't want people to think of me.  After all, I was super blonde and with a name like Candy, well, I certainly didn't want my intelligence brought into question. However,  as I get older, I have come to a few realizations and one of those is that people generally aren't thinking about the things we worry about because they are too busy thinking about the things they are worrying about. Which is actually liberating. And as for my silly nickname...after all these years, I'd have to admit that it's finally kinda grown on me.

A FEW THINGS                 ME...

Hi there! I’m Candace. I’m a writer and multi-disciplinary designer with a pension for all things relating to home. I can whip up a mean batch of SEO blog content and some well-branded websites just as easily as I can bake a cake, style a bookshelf or spot a porte cochère. It's why so many of my clients are in the residential properties and interiors industries - we speak the same language.

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You will be handing very important writing assignments over to someone who loves the subject of home, architecture & design.  So, your readers will be more likely to read what you have to say.

As a former luxury realtor working at Christies, I speak your language and fully understand your needs.

Your content will be compelling and will convert which means more eyes on your business and more money in your pocket!

I know what it takes to rank up on Google.  When I was a realtor, I was able to get on page one of Google for a number of my search terms.  Using SEO techniques and inbound marketing strategies, I can help you as well!

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Ps: Did I mention,

     I love to write?!

     boost your SEO
     elevate your brand   
     bring you more business
     give you more time

Here is a list of some essential writing projects I can take off your plate:

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As a real estate copywriter, I am able to create a wide range of content for your business that will:      

Specializing in the real estate field and having been a realtor myself, makes having me on your team an invaluable asset in your marketing tool chest.

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