From sunrise to sunset enjoy waterfront views of the city skyline, the north shore mountains and all that nature has to offer! This elegant property is a rare find situated next to a forest-filled park on Point Grey Road. The home has been completely renovated both structurally & mechanically and boasts a private waterside deck for easy access to swimming, kayaking & paddle boarding. Upstairs showcases a gorgeous master suite along with two generous-sized bedrooms. The lower level offers a spacious 2 bedroom garden suite with ample natural light making it a perfect rental or a beautiful extension of the main home. Endless features include; radiant in-floor heating, open floor plan, entertainment-sized rooms, skylights, impeccable millwork, elegant lighting, 4 levels of decks and patios, hot tub & fire pit. Located in a quiet, traffic-calmed cul-de-sac, this home is sure to make anyone’s short-list!




This comfortable, stylish and fully renovated 1912 character home is located in one of Vancouver's most vibrant neighbourhoods, known for its close proximity to the beach, trendy cafes and popular restaurants. Four bedrooms up plus two in the lower-level basement suite, this gem conveys warmth, sophistication and the easy elegance of Kits living. The main floor is an expansive open-concept floor plan encompassing living, dining and powder room plus a gorgeous gourmet kitchen complete with generous island & stainless- steel appliances. The upper floors offer 3 bedrooms, a full laundry room plus a fourth floor master retreat including stunning built-in cabinetry and spa-inspired bathroom.
The newly renovated, two bedroom garden suite is bright and modern boasting two bedrooms and an in-suite laundry.

Definitely a must see!




Enjoy unparalleled luxury & design in this oceanfront property located in West Vancouver. One of just 57 homes at Grosvenor Ambleside, this rare 3,000 SqFt residence offers design & build quality unlike any other. World class views, seamlessly integrated indoor/outdoor spaces & custom designed interiors. House-like floor plan features oversized master bedroom & spacious walk-in closet, large den that could be used as a 3rd bedroom, office or media room & massive dining, living & entertaining spaces. Floor to ceiling windows & seamless sliding exterior doors, designed for the ultimate west coast lifestyle. Over 1,000 SqFt outdoor terrace with a view to the ocean, UBC & west to the islands. Many technology upgrades, Private two car garage & storage room plus 24 hr concierge. The perfect home for luxury, oceanside living.



5 Simple Ways to Style Your Patio 

We may be nearing the end of summer, but there’s still time to take advantage of your patio or garden. If your outdoor space is in need of an upgrade, there are plenty of ways to transform it into a summer oasis. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of our top tips on how to style your outdoor space.

Shade is a Must
In case the sun gets too much, having a shady spot somewhere in your outdoor space will help keep you comfortable. If your patio or garden doesn’t include a shaded area like a courtyard or conservatory, opt for an alternative like a pergola or fabric shading panels. For a small space, go back to basics with a large patio umbrella in the colour of your choice (the brighter, the better!).

Incorporate Lighting
Lighting is a great way to add mood and character to a patio space, especially in the evenings. There are many options when it comes to outdoor lighting, from subtle string lights and lanterns to contemporary-style torches. No matter your choice, a little goes a long way in giving your patio a warm, welcoming vibe.

Add Colour with Bright Throw Pillows
Colours are a must when redecorating a space for the summer. The easiest way to add a pop of colour to your patio is to accessorize your outdoor furniture with bright throw pillows. If you have neutral, solid-coloured furniture, go for bright patterned cushions to pull the space together.

Include a Hammock or Sofa Swing
Nothing says summer oasis like relaxing in a cozy hammock or swing. Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, it’s possible to incorporate fun, cozy seating in your patio without taking up excess room. If your garden or patio is too small for a full swing set, a hammock is another excellent alternative and will transform your space in a relaxing getaway.

Utilize Wicker Accessories
Wicker and rattan decor are stylish and versatile enough to work with a variety of design styles. You can find both vintage and modern pieces, either of which would easily fit into your home.
What makes this trend appealing is its timelessness. No matter the theme of your patio or garden, wicker and rattan furniture is a quick way to give your space character and charm. What’s more, wicker accessories are very affordable and can be purchased from almost anywhere, including IKEA.



Designing A Small Condo 

There is a lot to consider when designing a small studio or condo, from selecting furniture that won’t overwhelm your space to striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. However, decorating a small space doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Interior designer Gillian Segal of Gillian Segal Design has the scoop on how to design a small condo or studio apartment without sacrificing style.

Use an Accent Colour For Your Walls
Using an accent colour helps define a space. While dark colours have a slightly negative reputation for making a room feel smaller, Segal finds the opposite to be true. Incorporating a darker colour can help provide depth, particularly in an open concept layout that is generally all white.

Mirrors are Your Friend!
Not only are they functional, but mirrors are a stylish way to fill wall space without breaking the bank. The biggest benefit of all? The reflection provided by a mirror helps increase the amount of light in a space, creating the illusion that the space is larger than it is.

Consider the Scale of Your Furniture
Nothing makes a small space feel smaller faster than oversized furniture, particularly upholstery. Instead of selecting one giant sectional, opt for a more petite sofa and a side chair or two. It’s more functional for conversations with guests and will help the space feel larger.

Lighting is Key
Regardless of the size of your space, lighting is one of the most important elements to consider. Good lighting can instantly create a warm and comfortable environment and of course, the opposite is also true.

A good rule of thumb is to select lighting at a variety of levels (think a ceiling fixture, a floor or table lamp and a wall sconce). If you don’t have sconces wired in, look for some of the plug in options; They look great and are usually very affordable.

Storage, Storage, Storage!
Clutter and mess make a small space feel chaotic, so incorporating additional storage whenever possible is essential to making sure every item has a home. Look for furniture that can serve double-duty functions, for example a coffee table that has storage or a side table with drawers.



my solar experience

5:00pm  (August 20, 2017)
We prepare my Honda Element for the trek to Madras to see the solar eclipse and to celebrate my birthday which happens to fall on the same day! This feels like an adventure… it is going to be fun!

We are packed up and finally head out. Traffic at the border is reasonable. Maybe traffic won’t be  as bad as originally predicted.
1:30 am                           
We arrive just outside of Madras . Rest areas are full of campers and the police are not letting in any more visitors but are kind enough to let people pass through and use the facilities.

We locate a remote side road that we think will be a great place to camp out for the night and view the eclipse the next morning. Not many people have found this spot, it is awesome!

5:40 am                           
Someone is pounding on our window! He is a rancher and wants us to leave. It is not private property. However, he is very prickly and we didn’t travel so far to let him ruin our experience.  We move a couple of km to another spot.

7:30 am                           
We are wakened by the sound of cattle and people setting up for the eclipse. Several cars are now parked around us and excitement fills the quiet pasture. It feels like the setting of a movie about the arrival of aliens. Weird.

9:05 am                           
People are set up. There are about 20 people gathered in our area. Everyone is super friendly. People have traveled from all over. One family made the trek from Los Angeles! We are the only Canadians in our group.

The raging rancher returns. He is ordering everyone to leave to no avail. We are not on private property and it seems he has just made it his mission to be miserable instead of enjoying this awesome event. We find out that we weren’t the only ones he had been bothering. He had been patrolling the roads in the area all morning. He leaves when someone takes a picture of him and his vehicle. Within minutes conversations turn to the eclipse again and no one seems phased by him.

9:20 am
The eclipse has begun. Conversations on camera angles, Bailey’s Beads, diamond rings and general excitement for this awesome event escalate.

The moon has eclipsed ¼ of the sun. To the naked eye you would never know anything was going on yet.
They say that animals are supposed to act differently during an eclipse. However, the cows grazing in the pasture seem calm. It seems like business as usual for them.

9:50 am
We have 1/3 coverage of the sun. Conversation has reached a whole new level of “geekdom”. However, under the circumstances, it’s hard to not get caught up in the excitement of the event.

9:57 am
A crescent sun is made. This is awesome.

We now have about ¾ of an eclipse. It looks like it is near sunset except that the light is much cooler than the warm tones we are accustomed to.

A cool breeze has just washed over the land and the temperature has definitely dropped. It is much cooler than a few seconds ago.

It is quite dark now. The sun only has a sliver peeking out behind the moon.

It is getting darker by the second. We almost have a full eclipse.

We have a full eclipse. Everyone is viewing it with their naked eyes. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in our sky. Words and photos cannot capture what we are witnessing. The sky is black and for two whole minutes the silhouette of the moon sits in front of the sun producing an irregular shaped, bright platinum white halo around it. People are, for the most part speechless except for the occasional outburst of amazement for the spectacular cosmic event before us. Trying to get a photo is very difficult. I don’t want to take my eyes off of the eclipse. The difference between a 90% eclipse and being able to see 100% is literally night and day. I am so glad we made the journey to Madras.

The full eclipse is over. The sun begins to emerge from behind the moon and it is now too bright to look at without eclipse glasses.

The sun is casting a morning glow across the land and the strangest thing happens…the cows start calling out as if they were just waking up again. I guess this is what they refer to as odd behaviour in animals.

The sun is at 1/5 of it’s original state and people are more interested in talking amongst each other; exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. They want to stay connected with the new friends they experienced this amazing phenomenon with.

The sun is mostly in full view. Everyone has packed up and left.

We are making our way to Madras for lunch. The town is very busy but they are prepared for this event. They have food trucks and schools are set up to host visitors. Everyone is super friendly.

We begin trying to make our way out of town which is very difficult as most roads are now closed and they are only allowing people to leave via a couple of routes. Looks like the National Guard is in town to help out with the traffic.
4pm Traffic is a nightmare. We have only traveled 20 km outside of Madras. We are heading to Portland where we are staying for the night and have dinner reservations at 7pm to finish celebrating my birthday. Not looking good.

We finally arrive in Portland! It took us 8.75 hours to travel what should have taken us only 2.5 hours! We quickly check in and are able to get into the restaurant just before the kitchen closes. What a day! However, we are still basking in the afterglow of the eclipse and marveling at the experience. Although the traffic was the worst I have ever experienced in my life, it seemed a small price to pay for a birthday I will never forget.




Working The Room Design is a full service staging and design company founded by Shelagh Seadon. Though Shelagh has been staging and decorating for many years, it has only been this past year that Shelagh finally decided to get serious and commit to staging full time. In less than a year, Shelagh got her staging certification from PRES Staging, put up her new website and hung out her shingle as a professional stager and decorator with her new business, Working The Room Design.

Shelagh's design philosophy is to "use what you have" first. This is something her client's really appreciate. Designers often get a bad rap for being too free with money that is not their own. Shelagh feels that most homes have too much "stuff" and that effective staging is more of a process of editing rather than simply adding new furnishings. Clients find it reassuring to know that their money is being carefully spent where it matters most.

Like a true professional in the design field, Shelagh is very passionate about her work. She loves to transform uninspiring spaces that seem to hold no promise into spaces that draw people in and make them want to stay.

Here are a few before and after photos showcasing some of Shelagh's recent work. You can find out more about Shelagh and Working The Room Design by going to her website.




Some of my earliest memories involve being carted along to open houses by my real estate agent mother. By the age of six I had opinions about feature sheet layouts, by twelve I could tell you which school district a property fell into. Suffice it to say, it was only a matter of time before I started my own career in real estate. Born, raised and educated in central City, I'm now working in the community that I grew up in, selling the houses that I used to walk by on my way to school. I've seen neighbourhoods evolve, shops and cafes come and go, bungalows give way to larger family homes. I'm out and about every day, watching, looking, listening – I'm keenly interested in my City and its evolution.

I am committed to my work and feel incredibly fortunate to spend my days doing something I love. Providing my clients with excellent service, expert advice and a smooth process is what drives me. It is undeniable that buying and selling a home is a stressful undertaking, but I wholeheartedly believe that a great agent working on your behalf can eliminate much of that stress. I approach every day with the mindset that proactivity and diligence is the recipe for success in real estate, if not life in general.

Mentored from my first days in the business, I have worked on a broad range of real estate transactions and consider myself equally adept at helping a first-time buyer or an empty nester looking to downsize. My experience, combined with my diligence, ethics, strong negotiation skills and the considerable resources of the City Park brand behind me, helps me rest assured that my clients are best-served in working with me.




When Linda Logue was in grade 9, she wrote in her yearbook, “My goal is to be a designer” as the caption to be displayed under her school picture. Little did she know that it would be over 40 years before this dream would be realized.
Linda always knew that she was creative, even at a young age. Artistic things came easy to her and she craved more of them. However, she grew up in a family where academics were held in high esteem and creative pursuits were nothing more than a frivolous past-time.
Her mother, though artistic herself, did not support Linda’s desire to be creative. She even warned Linda of the perils of becoming a designer noting that design was not a career and that she would likely end up doing nothing more than changing up store window displays – something Linda secretly thought would be rather fun!
 Linda married young and had 3 children. Like so many women, she put her dreams aside to tend to the family and home. Linda spent years at jobs that did not inspire her and 17 years in a marriage that was abusive and controlling.
However, life has a way of coming full circle. One thing for certain is that nothing stays the same and change is inevitable. Linda eventually found herself single with 3 children and the determination to make her family a success in spite of doing it alone.
Determined to make a difference, Linda started a lengthy career in the field of social services. She worked for Vancouver Battered Women Support Services, Teens Advocating Growth and most recently helping special needs adults. She found the work rewarding in the sense that she was making a difference in the lives of people she was helping.
Years passed and Linda began to feel like she was still missing something. She had accomplished a lot but still felt that she hadn’t lived up to what she truly wanted to do with her life. So, at the ripe age of 60, Linda made the big plunge. She recently got her staging and redesign certification from PresStaging and is now embarking on the path she saw for herself so many years ago.
Rather than dwelling on all the years lost, Linda would rather look forward to this new adventure and concentrate on all of the possibilities ahead. At 60 she feels she has so much life experience to bring to the table, she is confident that she has everything she needs to make her new career a success. 
Linda’s story is an inspiration and a lesson to us all that it is never too late to follow our dreams and live the life we were meant to live. Sometimes the hardest part is embracing who we really are and allowing ourselves the chance to share our gifts with others.



peter & sarah